Bali Travel Tips

The beauty of Bali transcends most tropical environments in the world, with its sandy beaches, azure seas, lush forestry, aesthetical rice terraces and looming volcanoes. Whether you’re a traveller who enjoys sitting beside beaches while drinking down a cocktail or someone who’d rather climb up rocky hills to see the sunset from up high, Bali lets you get every opportunity to explore and relax. However, to make your trip worthwhile, you should also be aware of certain aspects of Bali so as to not come short in your trip.

We at Radius App have listed a few tips and strategies that are important for every traveller to know on their trip to Bali. You can check more about Bali and find further information on our mobile app.

1. Be Careful While Going to Currency Exchanges

Bali, like any other tourist destination in the world, is no stranger to tourist scams and frauds. During your trip, you will most certainly be in need for money exchangers so as to change your domestic currency for the Indonesian Rupiah. However, it is vital that you carefully select who you go to in order to exchange your money.

Some money exchangers in Bali will seem shady, with people sitting behind rickety desks in dark corners, showing off their exchange rates in dirty whiteboards. While it is not right to make judgement calls based on looks itself, it is best to avoid such money exchangers and directly go to a reliable establishment. If you’ve just landed in Bali, you can get your money exchanged from the Ngurah Rai International airport for quick cash. However, because the airport offers lower exchange values, it is best that you exchange the large portion of your money at local banks and money exchangers. The most recommended financial establishments include Central Kuta Money Exchange, PT. Dirgahayu Valuta Prima and BMC Money Changer.

Radius App recommends the aforementioned places because they have the best exchange rates that you can find around Bali, while also being reliable establishments. They also have cleaner environments and constant security protection to safeguard you from any troubles in the exchanger premises.

2. Don’t Worry About the Infamous ‘Bali Belly’

Otherwise known as traveller’s diarrhoea, Bali Belly is something that afflicts travellers after they’ve eaten contaminated food and water. While Bali itself has become more regulated with the way they cook and prepare food, ensuring that it’s made under sanitary conditions, it is not a given that you will find every food corner to have the best quality produce.

However, most food vendors around Bali do maintain certain hygiene levels while keeping in mind of their consumers’ health. Try to avoid food stalls located in polluted environments and make sure to drink lots of water throughout the trip – you’ll stay far away from the Bali Belly if you do!

If you do happen to get diarrhoea, your best bet is to keep yourself hydrated and ingest charcoal tablets, which are readily available to purchase at any pharmacy. These can detoxify your body quickly but another faster remedy is an IV drip that you can get by asking your hotel or villa manager.

3. Be Aware of Your Transport

With RadiusApp, you can easily rent a scooter and tour around the islands. These are extremely cost-effective and require minimal legal documents from your side. You can also travel at your own free will and explore the
islands in the manner that you’d like, especially if you have an online map downloaded at hand for better navigation. For safety purposes, we recommend adding in an insurance to your rental as it will save you from future repair costs and fines if you get into an accident or scratch your vehicle.

If you’re looking for taxi services, we recommend that you look for a Blue Bird Taxi. These taxis are marked out differently from regular taxis withtheir distinctive blue vehicle body cover and a perched bird on top. The reason
why you should choose these for short travel is because Blue Bird Taxi drivers are incredibly honest and will not over- charge you. Unlike regular taxi drivers who tend to set their minimum prices at moderately high rates for short or standard trips, Blue Bird Taxi drivers go by with the fair amount and are comparatively cheaper.

For longer trips with a car, we recommend hiring a Radius Driver, who will take you around the island in the comfort of a seven-seater air-conditioned car. Sit back and relax through your trip around the Bali islands without a single worry about flagging over taxis or haggling on prices with our recommended drivers.
Radius App is Bali’s No.1 App for everything that you might need while on your trip to Bali. Search for more recommendations and tips and tricks after downloading our mobile app so that you have the best trip in the Land of the Gods.