Bali’s Top Restaurants

From authentic Balinese and Indonesian specialties to multi-cultural cuisines, the island of Bali provides an incredibly diverse culinary experience to both raw and seasoned tourists. Whether it’s around seawater beaches or hidden away in the trenches beside a forested landscape, you are bound to find excellent restaurants all over Bali with exquisite views and a delicious plate of food.

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1. Barbacoa

Situated in the beachside town of Seminyak, Barbacoa is dedicated to bringing a modern rustic feel with its mosaic-tiled floors, brick patterned pillars and vintage upholstery. The restaurant looks out over Bali’s famous rice paddies, with floor-to-ceiling windows letting in all of the sunshine and greenery from outside as well as providing a scenic backdrop to your food experience here.

Apart from its trendy atmosphere and décor, Barbacoa also specialises in Latin-American cuisine with their top selling food items being from their BBQ menu. Radius App recommends this restaurant for group dinners or Instagram-worthy lunches. You can also get an array of vegetarian options or gluten-free choices, along with a fun kids’ menu.

2. Mejekawi

If you’re in the mood to experiment with different dishes, Mejekawi is a must-go place in Seminyak. With a fine-dining setting, complete with modern furniture and glass walls that overlook the Indian Ocean, Mejekawi also showcases an open kitchen where restaurant goers can choose to either sit right in front of the flame and fire or beside the calm and tranquillity of the ocean.

Radius App recommends this place for a luxury dining experience, their contemporary 5 and 12-course tasting menus, which include the restaurant’s fresh seasonal produce and comes with an award-wining wine selection that can be added afterwards. This restaurant specialises in traditional Indonesian flavours with a twist of modernism.

3. Locavore to Go

While this restaurant focuses chiefly on meat varieties, there is the option of advance booking for vegetarian options if you need it. However, Locavore to Go in Ubud is perfect for all meat lovers with amazing breakfast and lunch selections on offer.

This small and cosy restaurant has wall art of crabs and pigs along with khakhi and cow hides providing a special upholstery for their seating benches. With low hanging bulb lighting and candles flickering about on each table, Locavore to Go is comfort at its best.

4. Ijen, Potato Head

If you’re in Bali, you’re sure to crave some seawater delicacies and there’s no other restaurant that produces seafood just as Ijen does. Sitting right beside the Indian Ocean, Ijen serves its restaurant visitors with completely fresh seafood. However, their specialty is that they focus primarily on zero-waste food, which both helps their environment and reduces food waste pollution around the island.

Ijen also has a beautiful varnished wood interior, mixed with marble textiles and pillars. With the views of the ocean water crashing against the island rocks, Ijen is the perfect place for a chilled-out tropical meal or a cocktail drink at sunset.

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