Katie is co-founder and COO for Radius.

Currently based in Bali, Indonesia, and originally from Brisbane, Australia, Katie is passionate about business and seeing others flourish into their true potential both professionally and personally. With 18 years experience spanning across Australia and SEA, her expertise has been in running businesses and driving organizations growth and expansion across SEA. Katie’s passion is managing and building new clientele, setting up systems and structures to ensure the success of the business and ensuring onboarding and sales is the key focus as this ensures success of any business. 

Katie experience previously was as a Business Development and Client relationship Director for SG Global Support, South East Asia’s leading Donor Management company for charity organizations. Prior to that, she was responsible for setting up a Appco Group Indonesia which is SEA’S leading face to face sales a marketing Agency in Indonesia operating with over 200 full time sales staff.  

Katie is now excited to continue her success in SEA and focused on developing budding entrepreneurs and giving them a platform where they can connect with consumers easily giving them far more opportunity than previously possible. Radius App will launch in Bali Feb 2019 and provide consumers a one stop app for lifestyle services while on holiday or for those who also live on the island