Keep Your Kids Learning

Times are hard, but for a child, it can be even harder. The corona virus pandemic has halted all aspects of a normal life as families can no longer go out, socialise and carry on with their routine activities outside their home. This impacts a child more harshly since they are not supposed to stay at their homes for such long periods of time, especially without engaging in physical and mental developing exercises.

As schools all over the world are closed down, your child is in desperate need of an alternative way to learn and challenge themselves. Early childhood education is critical to a child’s ability to adapt into an official school environment in the future while also enabling them to develop the primary skills required to learn. Furthermore, it is said that interrupting education at a primary level results in a 67% loss in a child’s literacy ability for the future.

This statistic suggests that it is imperative for parents, governments and even schools to consider how they can continue to provide children with their required learning even during this pandemic. Some international governments have chosen to keep primary schools open, but this reaps little benefit and greater risks to health.

How Badly Will Children Be Affected?

According to an interview between the Harvard Gazette and Paul Reville, the former Massachusetts secretary of education, children will be gravely affected by an interruption in their studies. This effect can be curbed only with the provision of online learning environment or e-tutoring programs.

The reason why this has been suggested is because there is a high likelihood the closure of schools will continue on until the end of the current school year. Even if schools are opened, sending your child off to a public space with a high risk of exposure to the virus is not ideal during this time.

Paul Reville also suggested that education should be shifted into a newer platform. We all believe that learning is restricted within the school environment but we should consider additional support and opportunities that can be provided to your children outside of schools.

It is the responsibility of families and communities to ensure their children are receiving the best possible resource to learn and develop themselves from. In Reville’s words, we should ‘reconceptualise the whole job of child development and education, and construct systems that meet children where they are and give them what they need, both inside and outside of school in order for all of them to have a genuine opportunity to be successful.’

The Best Resource for Your Child’s Learning

“For me as a parent home-schooling has been challenging, however very rewarding as I got to see where my children were at in school and help them in areas they were struggling in like Maths! Were they behind? Yes, in some cases, but once tutoring happened they went back with systems to help mould their confidence in learning like the basic foundations in Maths.”

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