Travelling Bali With Kids

Bali has an extraordinary selection of activities that can be enjoyed by all members of a family, but especially with kids if you know where you’re going. This small island is very hospitable and kind to tourists in general, which makes it easier to move around with a kid as you’re assured with complete safety and friendly attitudes wherever you go. Because of this, whether you choose to visit an art museum or partake in any water sport activities, nearly every experience turns into an enjoyable one with your kids.  

Here are Radius App’s most recommended kid-friendly places in Bali:

1. Waterbom Bali

Voted as Asia’s No.1 water park, Waterbom Bali is located in South Kuta and has a number of water rides and slides that cater to different age groups. If you’re travelling with kids under 5 years of age, they can go into the lazy rivers or the designated kids’ pool while older kids can go around sliding down giant yellow and green tubes, if they meet the height requirements.


While it is prohibited for people to bring food and beverage from outside, Waterbom Bali does have many meal stores and eating spaces, with choices varying from a normal sandwich and hotdogs to other international and local cuisines.

2. Ubud Rafting at Ayung River

A lot of parents would naturally fear the idea of rafting with their young ones, but in reality, any child over five years of age can easily go on a rafting trip and enjoy it completely. The Ayung River is one of the best places for rafting due to very shallow waters and a 100% safety record.


While your rafting instructors will teach you a few techniques to navigate through the water of the Ayung River, know that most of these are done out of courtesy. As a parent, you simply have to hold on to your child and listen to the instructions so as to fully enjoy the experience of rafting without facing any issues whatsoever.

3. Turtle Island Tour

Bali is quite famous for its turtle conservatories, where different breeds are kept under specialist supervision to allow for an increase in the turtle population around the island as well as to prevent any potential harm that may come to them. At Tanjung Benoa Beach, you can visit one of the greatest green turtle sanctuaries, where you will be able to touch, pet and even cuddle up to baby turtles.

4. Bali Bird Park

If you want to incorporate something educational within the enjoyment that your kids are having, the Bali Bird Park is one of Radius App’s top recommended places to go to. With over 250 unique species of birds, most being indigenous to the island while others coming from more exotic backgrounds, your kids will have the opportunity to admire and learn about birds in a more interesting fashion. These birds also tend to perch up on one’s shoulders and wrists but they do so lightly, meaning your kids will have more fun than they will be hurt or bored out.

5. Bali Safari Marine Park

Another educational place for kids to enjoy in is the Bali Safari. This trip carries you and your kids on a jeep to go around an entire expanse of land containing an array of different animals and beasts. From zebras to rhinos and even tigers, this is the best way to get a hands-on education while also making the trips more fun for kids.

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